The Environment

We are all concerned about the Environment!!!

Why Go Green?

Materials such as paints, stains, varnishes, carpet, insulation, flooring, and particleboard  can be the cause of evaporation of volatile chemicals, or off-gassing, at normal atmospheric pressure. Off-gassing can start from the point of installation and continue for years.

Volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, the most common off-gassed chemical, have been linked to birth defects, endocrine disruption and cancer. Flame retardants and formaldehyde are common VOCs off-gassed by furniture. The problem becomes acute if your home or office is well insulated

In most cases you are much safer purchasing a Canadian made product. Canada’s manufacturing rules are much more stringent than most countries, and the product has not had to travel near as far to get to you, so there was less fuel used.

We at TCB Office Furniture & Supplies promise to source Canadian made product whenever possible. We will inform you of whether the product is Canadian made or not. Be careful of retailers passing off  a Canadian “Built” product as being Canadian “Made“. This just means the parts were manufactured off shore, then shipped to Canada for assembly. 

At TCB we are dedicated to finding environmentally friendly solutions on your behalf.

Green furniture is a good way to help maintain healthy indoor air quality. Responsible manufacturers make furniture from material that is responsibly harvested from renewable resources, or use recycled materials in order to decrease landfill waste and preserve the planet’s vital forests. This is why many of our manufacturers build office furniture from products produced by a Canadian company called Tafisa. Please check out Tafisa’s environmental program at then select environment.