The Process

TCB builds relationships with clients.

At TCB Office Furniture & Supplies, the focus is on a seamless and smooth flowing  transition for our clients. We plan, design, deliver, install, and service what we provide. TCB also performs re-locations, whether it is across the hall or across the province.


Our process for providing new furniture works as follows:

1. Consultation

Your Needs - A TCB representative will meet with you, at your office, to discuss your needs. Many of our clients ask that we consult with each employee involved to get a sense of what each requires at their workstation. Example - Your Payroll person does not have the same requirements as your HR Manager. Your TCB representative will bring reference material with them - catalogues, colour samples and website addresses from several manufacturers.

Measurements - During this meeting your TCB Office Furniture & Supplies representative will require any blueprints, or simple drawings with dimensions. If these are not available and it is an existing location, your TCB representative will measure the workspaces involved.

Existing Furniture - Do you require your existing furniture moved, placed in storage, re-located, sold, or removed? TCB Office Furniture & Supplies will work with you. Depending on the condition and age of your existing furniture, you may have options!

2. Planning

Timeline - when do you need your project installed?  Depending on the size of the project, it may be possible to have everything in place in just a few days, or it may take a few weeks from consultation to installation. Your TCB Office Furniture & Supplies representative has the experience to be able to determine what has to be done to meet your timeline. 

Budget Considerations - What is your budget range? TCB Office Furniture & Supplies represents many manufacturers. Our product lines cover a broad spectrum of pricing. Perhaps you require a very economical line of laminate furniture, or maybe you require all top of the line custom wood veneer, or something in between. We have the solution!!

Flexibility - TCB Office Design is flexible enough to be able to work within those “special” time restrictions like year ends, etc.

Lease or Buy - You also have the option to purchase or use our confidential Leasing option.

3. Design

Promoting Canadian  - Based on the consultation and planning meeting, your TCB Office Furniture & Supplies representative now has a good idea of what your company requires. Your TCB representative will put together an initial design. Once this design is approved by you, it will be forwarded to several manufacturers for pricing. It is important to point out that TCB Office Furniture & Supplies promotes Canadian product. Many of our manufacturers are in the Toronto area. TCB has an open invitation to escort clients to our manufacturer’s showrooms.

We do live in a global economy. As such we would be remiss if we did not take advantage of the talents found all over the world in order to bring you the best offering of a complete and diverse solutions package. We respect that everyone has a budget. For many projects we have the solution for meeting every budget. Whether that solution is found in Canada, the U.S., or across the globe, TCB Office Furniture & Supplies is your global partner.

4. Compare

Quoting - Next, your TCB Office Furniture & Supplies representative reviews each quote to see if it fits your requirements, timeline and budget.  Any that meet your criteria are then brought to you with 2D and 3D designs. Your TCB representative will help you determine the best fit for function, quality, and price.

No Surprises - all products required, including: seating, keyboard trays, floor mats, ergonomic items, etc, are included in your quote.  Also, delivery, installation, and if TCB is required to handle existing workstations.

5. Supply

Ordering - Once you have determined the option you wish to order, and the design, colours, and quantities are confirmed, your TCB Office Furniture & Supplies representative will require signatures and a deposit. Now your order is completed.  Depending on the product, typically it takes 3 to 4 weeks to receive the product from the manufacturer.

Communication - Your TCB representative will keep you in the loop. They will let you know when your product was ordered, how the order is proceeding, and when it is ready.

6. Installation

TCB installs - With TCB’s experienced installers, the process is painless for our clients. When the product is ready, your TCB representative will confirm the pre-determined installation date with you. It is our goal to have the least amount of work area interruption, of our clients, as possible.  Your TCB representative will be on site to help with any questions. 

Special Requests - If your business requires that installations be completed in the evening or on the weekend, TCB can accommodate this. We can also install in phases if necessary. These scenarios typically incur a small additional cost. Please inform your TCB representative during the planning stage if there are any special requests.

7. Service

Warranties - TCB Office Furniture & Supplies services your warranty needs. Your TCB representative will assess your warranty concern, then represent you to the manufacturer.  There are no 1-800 numbers for you to look for. If the piece or part need replacing, TCB will do that for you.

Manufacturers - There are very few warranty issues, but when there are, they generally occur within the first year. TCB’s manufacturers are extremely good at solving these issues to the client’s satisfaction.

This is our 7 step process. Of course every scenario has it‘s opportunities, but by following this system we have been 100% successful in maintaining Timelines and keeping projects within the agreed price.

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